<h3>Ben Friedman</h3>
<h4>Cofounder & Co-CEO of Homegrown Sustainable Sanwiches</h4>

Ben Friedman

Cofounder & Co-CEO of Homegrown Sustainable Sanwiches

Jeff Winter and the whole CMA team are critical members of our store development team. They are detailed, flexible and accountable and they care as much as we do that our projects look great and operate smoothly. Their command of kitchen equipment and design is exceptional. They don’t stop working hard until the job is complete. It’s a joy to work with Jeff and his team as we continue to grow our restaurant business.

<h3>Arnold Shain</h3>
<h4>The Restaurant Group</h4>

Arnold Shain

The Restaurant Group

When it comes to kitchen design it is important to

  • Understand the client’s needs and menus;
  • Understand the flow of personnel in the kitchen;
  • The client’s budget.

It is then the executing the deliverables:

  • The recommending kitchen equipment that best fits the client’s needs;
  • The kitchen drawings that can be submitted within a permit set of drawings in a timely fashion;
  • The delivery of the equipment during construction in an organized and efficient manner;
  • The ensuring that all of the equipment is working correctly.

Jeff Winter/CMA does this. He works diligently and quickly. He is reliable and has the utmost of integrity. He is affordable. He is on your team.

<h3><strong>Lindsey Schwartz</strong></h3>
<h4>President/Chief Executive Officer<br />
Schwartz Brothers Restaurants</h4>

Lindsey Schwartz

President/Chief Executive Officer
Schwartz Brothers Restaurants

Schwartz Brothers Restaurants has teamed with CMA Restaurant Supply & Design since 1988 to develop, build and open a multitude of concepts and locations.  The expertise of the CMA professionals excels at interpreting our exacting needs and menu production processes into fully functional facility designs.

The ability of CMA to work with, and procure our equipment from all food service manufactures as best suits our particular project needs is outstanding and always within a reasonable budget.  Having a member of CMA’s staff on site during the critical stages of the restaurant construction and equipment installation insures that we have a timely and successful implementation of our kitchen and bar layouts.

We look forward to working with CMA on Schwartz Brothers’ future remodels and new locations.

<h3><strong>Sue Genty IIDA</strong></h3>
<h4>NCIDQ Certificate #6978</h4>

Sue Genty IIDA

NCIDQ Certificate #6978

We have been working with CMA for many years on our back of the house kitchen designs.  We love that they put design first over sales and really look to the needs of the client.  They review menu, select the correct flow and equipment support the client’s needs, an on occasion even assist in front of the house solutions when I hit a road block.

Their understanding of construction means and methodology is something else that sets them apart from the competition.  They truly are a design/construction partner on our projects and serve our clientele very well.

Their depth of experience and honest customer care are exceptional.  I strongly recommend them to all my clients.

<h3><strong>Bret/Marc Chatalas</strong></h3>
<h4>Owners Cactus Restatrants and Town Hall</h4>

Bret/Marc Chatalas

Owners Cactus Restatrants and Town Hall

We’ve used CMA Restaurant Supply and Cliff Macbeth for over 15 years. Their many years of experience add value to our operations on a regular basis. From design, to planning, sourcing and execution, they are a trusted partner that we rely on for our build-outs and equipment replacement.